• "Holy sh**! Huge tone, massive power, enough said."

    Tracii Guns is an American musician best known as the founder of glam metal group L.A. Guns, as well as the supergroups Brides of Destruction and Contraband. He was also a founding member of Guns N' Roses. Currently he is ripping across the globe with his HeadRush Pedalboard and his posse of FRFR-112’s supporting L.A Gun’s latest album “The Missing Peace”. Download his exclusive artist pack for the HeadRush Pedalboard and utilize the sounds he uses on the road and in the studio!

  • "The Headrush pedalboard is a total spacecraft among all floor units."

    Dan Vadim Von

    When I first found out about the Headrush pedalboard, I became immediately intrigued by learning about all of the great possibilities of this cool and futuristic-looking unit. But it wasn't until I received my Headrush pedalboard and plugged into it that I became absolutely convinced that this just may be one of the most thought-through and innovative pieces of guitar equipment on the market. Designed for maximum durability, the unit contains a seemingly infinite library of tonal possibilities for any style of guitarist, all controlled by a large and intuitive touchscreen which places an entire array of rigs right under one's fingertips. From the finely-tuned studio dynamics to the screaming roar of a live venue, the Headrush pedalboard is a total spacecraft among all floor units. - Dan Vadim Von.

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  • "The Headrush pedalboard is literally the only device other than your guitar that a touring instrumentalist needs."

    Elijah Rawk of Phony PPL

    The band we know as Phony Ppl is a mix of people, time, and sound that's been nurtured over generations in Brooklyn. They were a group of kids who started making music together during after school sessions in the homes of their creative families, and who grew up to cultivate a sound that's as much punk as is it soul. A quintet of live music blending acoustic instrumentation with electronic inputs and different vocal styles, their outlook on life and music refuses to be boxed in.

    Over the years, the bandmates have ebbed and flowed, but now they've reached their final form with these five original members: Elbee Thrie on vocal duties, Aja Grant on the keys, drummer Matt Byas, guitarist Elijah Rawk, and bassist Bari Bass. Their sound is a mix of soul, R&B, funk, hip hop, jazz, pop, and everything between and beyond. It's very DIY, too. They do their own songwriting, arrangement, mixing, and production. 

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  • "I started using the HeadRush as a mobile recording device - a solution to being on the road - and it became so much more: after realizing its unbelievable potential, it became my frequent go-to choice in the studio for so many lead situations!"

    Nili Brosh is among a new generation of world-class guitarists. Whether it’s her solo material, performing as a feature character in Cirque du Soleil, backing up virtuosos such as Tony MacAlpine or jazz-fusion legends like Alphonso Johnson, Nili has the ability to adapt to any situation while combining the best of the old and new school guitar mentalities. 

    Nili was born in Israel and moved to Boston with her family at the age of 12. She attended Berklee College of Music, graduated Summa Cum Laude, and subsequently became one of the youngest Berklee Summer Guitar Sessions instructors. She released her debut album, “Through The Looking Glass” in 2010 and her second record “A Matter of Perception” in 2014. Nili has performed with The Iron Maidens, Guthrie Govan, Andy Timmons, The Aristocrats, Jeff Loomis, Stu Hamm, and many others. She was a member of Tony MacAlpine’s band from 2011 to 2014, and still found time to perform her own music, write a lesson column for Premier Guitar magazine, teach, run clinics, and play in Alphonso Johnson (Weather Report, Santana)’s band. Nili is currently the guitarist/Muse character for Michael Jackson ONE by Cirque du Soleil in Las Vegas.

  • Brian Robertson of Thin Lizzy and Motorhead

    Brian "Robbo" Robertson was born in Glasgow, Scotland, February 12th 1956. After years of classical training with the cello and the piano, he soon became more interested with the rock'n'roll scene and started playing the guitar as well as bass guitar, drums and keyboards with his older brother Glen in different bands in Glasgow. At the age of 17 he took his gear and went down to London to try to get a job as a drummer, but when Thin Lizzy lost Eric Bell and then stand-in guitar player Gary Moore, their roadie Big Charlie from Glasgow suggested that they give this young wiz kid from back home a chance. Phil Lynott and Brian Downey were both taken by storm by his playing and he got the job straight away.

    Philip Lynott had decided that the new Thin Lizzy should change format and have two lead guitarists. The search was on for someone to compliment Robbo's playing and, after auditioning many wannabes, the band finally found Scott Gorham. The classic Lizzy line-up was formed. Robbo played on all the classic Thin Lizzy albums between 1974-78 including their breakthrough album "Jailbreak" with the classic hit single "The Boys Are Back In Town" and "Live And Dangerous" the album that many consider as the master piece of recorded live rock music.

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  • "If you’re a simple guy like me who doesn’t want to spend hours or possibly days dialing in the perfect tone, then HeadRush is for you! Within minutes of turning it on for the first time, I dialed in my tone on the user friendly touch screen. The HeadRush pedalboard is guitarded!"

    Hailing from the Lone Star State, Gabriel Guardian is a young virtuosic multi-instrumentalist most known for his unique ability to play guitar and keyboard at blistering speeds, SIMULTANEOUSLY. His talent of being one of the most ambidextrous minds in music today has gained him attention from music icons and instrument companies alike. His long list of viral videos have landed him in publications such as Guitar World, SPIN, Revolver, Metal Hammer and many more. Most of Gabriel’s time is spent writing, recording, and touring with his primary project Immortal Guardian, a virtuosic face-melting metal quartet based out of Austin, Texas. He is also pursuing a solo career and collaborations with a host of talented musicians in multiple genes across the globe. His most recent collaboration featured Cirque Du Soleil founder, Guy Laliberte, who invited Guardian to join his new music project titled “CandyWorld” that was showcased in Ibiza, Montreal, and Burning Man during 2017.

    Over the past year Gabriel has also began exploring the world of programming lasers. Learning the ins and outs of complex softwares, he now programs many of his own laser shows for CandyWorld, Immortal Guardian, and solo performances at private and corporate events. His most recent project has been creating a custom laser show that is controlled by his electric guitar and keyboard which allows a visual representation of his sound to fully engage the viewer. In addition to performing in countries all over the world, Guardian can be found teaching music clinics, giving private lessons, and composing music of all genres for TV, film, and video games.

  • "The HeadRush Pedalboard is exactly what the Dr. ordered when I’m in a Studio or Live situation!! Super fast functionality, killer tones & the user friendly vibe of any tone I can create, right on the Fly!! Smoke on that..."

    Oftentimes, the best way to move forward is to take a step back. Pump the brakes, take a breath, focus and contemplate the bigger picture. Take inventory of yourself and where you came from. Tap into that raw essence to fully discover the pathway forward.

    A seasoned troubadour from down South with a dense, rich, and colorful life experience, Rex Brown is far greater than the sum total of his already impressive discography as it s been laid down. Stepping out as a frontman for the first time, Rex reintroduces himself to the world on his barn- burning debut solo album, Smoke On This.

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  • "The Headrush is hands down the easiest multi-effects/amp simulator I've ever used. I can actually spend my time tweaking tones and not have to worry about spending hours menu diving. The fact that it is essentially drag and drop, makes the Headrush beat everything else in its class.  It has simplified my live rig exponentially. I plug in and my amps and effects are the same way I want them every night. What more could you ask for?"

    Dallas Molster of Grayscale

    Ever since he picked up his first guitar, a Squier starter pack at the young age of 8. Dallas Molster of the band Grayscale has had an incredible passion and love for music. Growing up in the suburb of Avondale, Pennsylvania outside of Philadelphia, Dallas made many of his friends through music. He developed an interest in tone and pedals early on, rocking everything from cheap workhorse Boss pedals to boutique Strymon effects developing his own unique sound. After playing in a handful bands in high school, Dallas, now 23, is chasing his ultimate passion with his best friends and band mates in Grayscale, whom he met at an early age.

    Dallas is the guitarist, secondary vocalist, and core songwriter in Grayscale, and is set up for a busy year of touring in 2018. The band will set out on their first ever international tour in Europe and the United Kingdom, and will round the states again later this year. Dallas currently plays Reverend Guitars and runs them through his Headrush pedalboard paired with a power amp and cabinet set up.

  • "After discovering the Headrush online, I instantly pre-ordered one as a solution to touring light across Europe last summer. Little did I know how much I would later depend on it. Insane versatility and by far the best priced digital multi fx and amp sim on the market. Combined with my 5150ii, My rig has never sounded better."

    Luke Genders of Wild Lies

    Luke is a Rock and Metal guitarist currently residing in Mid Wales and is one half of the guitar duo in Wild Lies. 

    After practising his instrument for several years as a young teenager, Luke embarked on a journey to further hone his skill at The Academy of Contemporary Music in Guildford, Quickly becoming part of touring acts and making appearances at prestigious events such as Download Festival, Bloodstock Open Air, Guilfest and Sonisphere Festival.

    Most recently Luke joined London based hard rock troupe, Wild Lies. Starting off with a Sold Out Single launch show in May before heading out on a Uk and European tour with Last In Line and Toseland aswell as festival appearances at Ramblin Man Fair and the final night being at Wacken Open Air in Germany.

  • "I was never a big pedal and effect guy, but the moment that I plugged the Headrush in, I realized that I had no idea what I had been missing. The user interface is intuitive, the tones are subtle and varied, and the 4-cable method makes live applications incredible. Its durable construction and attention to simplicity will be sure to make this a reliable piece of equipment for the upcoming years."

    Sam Kirsch of Abnormality

    Sam Kirsch is an American extreme metal guitarist occupying stage-right for East Coast death-metallers Abnormality. After joining the band in 2014, he first appeared on their previous record, Mechanisms of Omniscience, released through Metal Blade Records in the spring of 2016. He has toured the US several times since then, developed a taste for it, and is looking to extend that energy onwards this upcoming year. Prior to shredding for Abnormality, Sam played for Boston-based death-grind, Forced Asphyxiation, as well as writing, recording, and producing a solo project, Ages in Oblivion. He has been playing guitar for 25 years, is mostly self-taught, and believes that its riffs that matter most. Currently, he is working on the newest Abnormality record, due out later in 2018.

  • "I like to record my ideas as I write them, and the HeadRush Pedalboard gets me to the right amps, cabs and effects instantly and with world class results. I’ve been using it in my studio for bass and guitar on everything I’ve done since I got it."

    Lance Harvill

    Born – March 23, 1970, West Memphis, Arkansas

    Multi-instrumentalist, producer, songwriter, composer.

    From Dallas, Texas, currently residing in Nashville, Tennessee

    A graduate of Musicians Institute of Hollywood California (Guitar Institute of Technology)

    Composed music currently airing on over 160 major television shows worldwide through Sir George Martin’s Grandmaster Series (Extreme Music - Sony/ATV). Produced and Engineered by Terry Date (Soundgarden/Smashing Pumpkins/Ozzy).

    Co-wrote all songs, played lead guitar, and sang backing vocals on the 2017 album, “Smoke On This“ - Rex Brown of Pantera’s solo debut album.

    Lead guitarist and backing vocalist for Rex Brown solo band.

    Scored music for the 2017 documentary film, “Addicted to Porn - Chasing The Cardboard Butterfly”. Narrated by James Hetfield of Metallica. (Expressive Artists - TropNevada LLC)

    Performed vocals on, “Junkhead”, an Alice In Chains cover for the upcoming 2018 solo debut album release from Glen Drover (former guitarist of Megadeth). The album features a variety of industry vocalists from bands like Testament, Queensryche, and others.

  • "The headrush guys really hit it out the park with this one sounds great,looks great, and a very intuitive  interface at a great price for all players!"

    Dana Sharpton of Mammothor

    Mammothor is an American hard rock band from Boston, Massachusetts that formed in 2012. The band’s current lineup consists of singer Travis Lowell, guitarists Josh Johnson and Dana Sharpton, bassist Lori Gangi, and drummer Nick Raby. Travis Lowell fronts the group with powerful and versatile vocals. Guitarist Josh Johnson is a Berklee Graduate and former student of guitar shred legend Joe Stump. Guitarist Dana Sharpton has studied with virtuoso guitarist Greg Howe. The dynamic and steady drum and bass section of Nick Raby and Lori Gangi fill out the band’s eclectic sound. Mammothor strives to deliver the essence of rock: the thunderous heavy metal riffs and guitar shred of the 80’s, rounded out with the passion and versatility of 90’s alternative. Mammothor has shared the stage with artists: Living Colour, Ted Nugent, Sponge, Powerman 5000, Orgy, Eve 6, Prong, Fuel, Saving Abel, and Hinder.

    Mammothor is a cohesive blend of heavy metal to classic rock often mixing in elements of blues and fusion. Their style, though at times can be experimental or progressive, maintains a mainstream appeal with shorter alternative rock songs and ballads. Mammothor’s debut album “Tyrannicide’ (2013) captured the bands blues guitar savvy with an alternative rock sensibility. With the lineup changes at singer and rhythm section Mammothor has reached for new technical and sonic boundaries. The band’s follow up album “Devotion Lost” was released on April 28, 2017. Mammothor will be playing gigs in New England and on short tours throughout 2017 into 2018 in support of the album.

  • Kelly SIMONZ

    "There are lots of things I want to say but if I say it easily, it is like this. Very simple and easy and the sound is amazing!"

    Kelly SIMONZ started to play the guitar at the age of 14. At the age of 18, he moved to the U.S. to attend the Musicians Institute (MI) in Hollywood, California. After graduating from MI, he formed a local band, and began performing in the Los Angels area. Later, he moved to the East Coast, where he continued playing and performing until the age of 24. In 1995, he returned to Japan, debuted from Roadrunner Records in 1999 to focus on a soloist career and developing his own style of music and It's still evolving.

  • "Killer sound - super easy touch screen handling- built to to rock on the road The HeadRush Pedalboard is a dream come true for every Metal Guitarist! You will see it in every live show of my band!!"

    Tosso Bauer of Leaves' Eyes

    The Viking sails have been set – 2018 will be under the sign of the dragonhead. Uncompromising, combative, epic – the new LEAVES’ EYES! One of the most successful bands in the symphonic metal genre returns with its seventh album, ready to live up to the public’s high expectations.

    Leaves‘ Eyes are the historians of Metal. Every album puts to music a chapter of Nordic mythology or one of the Nordic sagas. ‘Lovelorn’ (2004) delved into the mystical world of a mermaid. The legendary ‘Vinland Saga’ brought the Vikings to life in 2005 and entered the album charts, kicking off the wave of success which saw the bombastic ‘Njord’ (2009) continue the adventurous journey of these medieval mariners. ‘Meredead’ with its Celtic folk sounds went on to take the ghosts of the marine world by surprise. The Metal opera “Symphonies Of The Night” (2013) was a monument to the heroic women of past centuries. The musicians’ fascination with myths and the powerful nature of the Nordic countries is tangible in all their compositions. Every Leaves‘ Eyes album is a soundtrack for a history told in multilingual concepts. In 2015 Leaves‘ Eyes delivered an impressive monumental opus about the first king of Norway in their epic ‘King Of Kings’, a sophisticated concept album which garnered chart positions in numerous countries (no. 15 in Germany, among others) and consolidated the footprint of this style-defining act in the foundations of Symphonic Metal. Sold-out shows in Europe, Asia, North and South America (a US tour with Sabaton in 2017, among others) during their ‘King Of Kings’ global tour attest to enthusiastic reactions worldwide. Their live shows are spectacular events featuring breathtaking stage sets like a Viking ship or the unforgettable ‘Swords in the Stone’ monument.